Version and ID in printed document

As you probably already know it’s possible to add Quick Parts in Word to add metadata from custom columns in your header/footer.
But getting Version or ID in the header/footer is a whole other bargain.

It’s really important to get this information inside the document, so that it’s possible to see on a printed copy, what version it is compared to the latest version in SharePoint.

So how should we accomplish this?

• Make sure you have a document with a header section.
• Create a Content type and add this document as the template.
• Navigate to a document library and activate Versioning and the possibility to handle Content types.
• Add your Content type to the library.
• Navigate to the settings for the library and then the settings for the Content type. Click on “Information management policy settings”.
• Check “Enable Labels” and add: {Version}nDok.ID: {ID} in “Label format”. Make changes regarding the style as it fits you.
• In advanced settings for the Content type, choose to edit the template.
• Put the cursor where you want to have the Version and ID added.
• Click on Insert, Quick Parts, Document property and Label.
• Save, click Ok and try it out.

The first time you open up the document it looks a little bit strange because there is no version yet, but don’t worry, save and open the document again and behold the version.