Who am I

I am a senior SharePoint consultant that’s been working exclusively with SharePoint since 2005. Before that I have been working with all kind of stuff within IT since 1992 or so. As you all know SharePoint is a huge product and it’s nearly impossible to learn it all. My focus (and passion i might add) lays in branding, UI customization and InfoPath forms. I am located in Stockholm , Sweden and work at Humandata.


4 Comments on “Who am I”

  1. Aznan Nagor says:

    Hi, i’ve been working on Sharepoint 2010 cascading lookup columns. I have a question and would appreciate if you could help me on this. Is it possible to validate two data items from two fields and to makesure they are unique ?

    • SPNiax says:

      I think I need to ask you to explain it a little bit more, please.
      Maybe you could give an example of what you are trying to accomplish and I will definitely try to give you a hand 🙂

  2. J says:

    Hi SPNiax,

    I’m a newbie in SharePonit 2013 and I have some questions.

    *What benefit is it to become a SharePoint developer when I have experience as a BI developer?

    *Is it possible to use ASP.net MVC for SP 2013?

    *How important is it as a SharePoint developer to learn javascript and web development (CSS, html jQuery)?

    Thank you in advance!


    • SPNiax says:

      Hi, pretty late answer but anyways…
      I am not a developer my self so I really can’t answer these questions in a good way.
      But client scripting is something that I think is being used more frequently now than before and is used widely in SP 2013.
      It is definitely not a disadvantage to know CSS, html and client scripting as a developer I would say.


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